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Dear Goyette Mechanical Customer,

During these unprecedented times, we here at Goyette Mechanical, want to make sure that you know that we are here to help. The HVAC Industry is changing for homes, schools, hospitals, businesses and institutions.  As you prepare to open your facilities, we know that you will have to implement new safety practices to keep your buildings and its occupants safe and healthy in this “New Normal”.

Regulations and guidelines are being developed to provide direction for what is needed for buildings and homes. Here are a couple links from the CDC and ASHRAE.

CDC Link:


These websites also offer additional information and articles to use as resources.

Goyette Mechanical has resources available to assist you when the time comes to open your building. We can provide routine maintenance and service on your current HVAC equipment, including filter replacements, cleaning, sanitizing and operational inspections.

We offer the most current solutions for indoor air quality and purification in the industry. With the support of industry leading manufacturers, Goyette Mechanical can design solutions around the needs of your facility to achieve optimal and economical results.

Below are links to one of our manufacturers with leading edge products in Air Purification.

Home Air Purification Links:

Bryant HVAC Air Purifier/Filters

Bryant HVAC UV Light Purifier


RGF HALO-LED Air Purifier

I-Wave Home Air Purifier

Additional information


We at Goyette Mechanical are here for you and the HVAC needs of your building. Please do not hesitate to call.

Stay safe and healthy!

Goyette Mechanical